Current Committee

James Bang


Tunan Shi


Nikita Khomich

Junior Treasurer

Jakub Bachurski

Contests Manager

Daniel Goc

Publicity Officer

Junhua Chen

Events Officer

Role Descriptions

President: The President will chair meetings of the executive committee as well as the annual AGM. The President shall be responsible for the overall direction of the society’s activities.

Secretary: The Secretary will organise meetings of the executive committee in addition to AGMs and will record minutes for such meetings.

Junior Treasurer: The Treasurer will manage the society’s accounts and the spending for society events. In addition they shall be responsible for communication with the society’s senior treasurer.

Contests Manager: The Contests Manager will oversee contest organisation, ensuring problem setters are working to a reasonable schedule and ensuring test cases are prepared, are strong, and are correct.

Publicity Officer: The Publicity Officer will manage the SRCF mailing list and will be responsible for advertising the society to first year students each Michaelmas term.

Events Officer: The Events Officer will organise all non-contest events, for example lectures by external speakers, and will deal with non-technical aspects of contests held by the society, such as providing refreshments.

Previous Committees


President: Zak Smith
Secretary: Rishabh Jain
Junior Treasurer: James Bang
Contests Manager: Fredrik Ekholm
Publicity Officer: Zak Buzzard
Events Officer: Sharvil Kesarwani


President: Arthur Conmy
Secretary: Fredrik Ekholm
Junior Treasurer: Euan Ong
Contests Manager: Hugo Eberhard
Publicity Officer: Daniel Yeh
Events Officer: Zak Smith